Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I went to Penang on 23rd of December which is Monday night until 27th of December. It was a fun trip. Besides, I haven't intro to you, they're all Koyin's best friends. She intro to them to me. They are all good friends and funny friends. Omg, lame friends ever too. We have a group called "THE KL FAMILY". This group name means for us, the peepos who staying far away from KL and need to survive ourselves whenever in KL. Back to the topic. First of all, we celebrated KoShin's birthday on Christmas Eve too. She is Koyin's sister anyway and the first Santa baby girl I ever know. After celebrating KoShin's Birthday, we finally celebrate our Christmas day.

Kevin (Huang Ah Ma), Shao (Bao Qing Tian), Feng (Hei Qing Feng) and me. 

Sophiae (Huang Er Niang) and me. 

Koyin (Ge ge) and me. 
She is the person i really want to thanks and appreciate. She brought me to meet her best friends and brought me to join this big family. She willing to share her best friends to me. She brought me to let me know there's still nice peepos in this world. Honestly, she is really a good friend ever. She is like my sister. She likes to scold me and teach me something new of course there's good things and bad things too. She is too nice until 惹人疼爱 although she is elder than me. Hey yo, here's my lil notes for you. Thanks a lot, loves. 

Happy Ending.


P.s, iloveyouall.

Saturday, July 13, 2013


Peepos that i recently with Yujin, Johnny and as usual Koko.
Now we are having long holiday, as you know exam ended on Wednesday. We are all so stressting about exam, didn't get enough sleep. And we are zombie, you can see our face are like... so blur. When other friends talking about what is this, that and whatever, we will be like... wtf you talking? Haha so yeah, can you feel the stress? Talk about exam, there's some of the photos in my phone. Ko and me went to 24/7 room in College to study every night, from 7pm until 3/5am. And of course, one day we stayed until 7am but we got no idea where the energy came from and why we will study till so late. You know? Can you tell me why? The worst part is when we want to go back, my stomach so naughty, which want to pangsai. So decided to stop at the 7eleven in College, there got a toilet and i pangsai over there. K, epic. 

So this picture, i mean actually is a video. You can see in my instagram, as if you got follow me. The caption is "come, limpeh clap for you." Ok, Ko wanna clap for you. Everyday went to 24/7 room, we are like camping kids. Bring foods, drinks and so whatever that can make us awake. Hardcore study? But no, we are more like enjoying. Hahaha damn everything. I missed studying with Ko, everything was so epic. And she told me a lot of story, about someone. Ok, end of story. Don't ask me who because i actually shouldn't care so much. Back to the topic, besides bringing food, we also playing phone and all lah. You know lah, students mah. What to do? 

Nah, a picture of me. I'm so stress because i didn't always attend that tutorial, i skipped everytime until last two tutorials class before finals exam. Damn why am i so bad this semester? Shouldn't do this next semester, if not i don't know i should cry or what. No, shiying. Opps. 

This is what i drank, almost two weeks. To make myself awake and study. And i must study, if not i die, i fail. I don't want to fail. Hahaha so no choice, mama papa please forgive me. I know you don't like me to do this to my own body, but i have to. I just want to make you proud, i want to earn a lot money in the future and won't let other peoples to bully you both. I want to let them know, you both are so bahagia. 


Exam ended on Wednesday, as i said. The first thing Ko and me did were go back sleep. I wonder why am i so weak nowadays, no more like secondary life. After exam, went out to celebrate. But now Uni life, after exam, sure the first thing in my mind is sleep. Why? Am i getting old? Ha ha ha. Whatever. Then Ko and me decided to go and wash hair at Crystal's shop. After that, we went to watch Despicable Me 2. BANANANANANA POTATOO NAHHHH. Childish ehy? But it was a nice movie, i tell you. Don't judge! I want to get minion but sold out everytime i want to buy. I gave up, minion. 

And so lastly, finally i'm going back Banting tomorrow.  I can't wait to go jogging, hiking, shopping, sing-k and more thing to do with my bestie, Heather. She is having holiday too, luckily i have someone who is having same break with me. Finally, we have the same holiday and which the long one. I can't wait yo! And i'm off to Alor Setar on 19th July, i don't know for what but i just follow my parents. Then will be stay at the Sepang Gold Coast Palm Tree with my parents too. I want more trips yo! 


P.S, I hope i can pass all my papers,
i put a lot of efforts tho.
Please, pretty please?

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Honestly, i don't really like to hate anyone but you, you and you. Annoying shits, piece of shit, fucking shit. I'm sorry but i've to be honest this time. Stop texting or calling me, or whatever to get attention. 

#1, I hate people who do not know how to respect me.
#2, I hate people who annoys me when i'm really tired, or maybe i'm having some so called "PMS."
#3, I told you so many times, and you don't listen, fuck off you.
#4, I hate people who not punctual always, and with the suck reason, nah!
#5, I hate people talk to me like he or she knows everything.
#6, I hate people who lies to me, like i am a silly people, nah i ain't that stupid.
#7, I hate people thoughts i care for them, but dream on.
#8, I hate people who talks behind of me or talk bad about my best friend. Go and bang wall, please?

I really do not like to hate anyone in my life, it's trouble for my own but not this time, this year, this moment. You know why? I'm giving up to be a kind person, not anymore. I'm tired because this world is not fair at all, this is reality. Face it, girl. I have to face it, Serena. I'm like not the old me anymore, i'm sorry peepos. But those who i care, i'd care in my heart.

To you people, 
I don't know should i join you back again or not because i'm really in mad with your attitude. Your fucking annoying attitude. You thought i'm really that stupid? You thought i care about you? No, dream on. Please grow up a little bit, little bit is enough you know? Your attitude just fucking annoying, annoying like shit. Don't be so proud of yourself just because you know how to sing or pretty or a lot of fans. Nah, FANS you mean? I'm also good in singing too ok? I think better than you like more than 10times. Sorry to being so lansi but i have to show you, i'm really mad, this time. Ok, i shouldn't be so mean. Sorry, anonymous. 


P.S, I'm having pms.
I think?


Went to Penang with Crystal and Koyin, which is Koyin's place. Yeah, the TRIO's trip.

20/6 - Thursday
First day, reach there around 6pm, damn early right? Thanks to Koyin, the good car racer. Know why? We managed to take our dinner there, Penang steamboat with Koyin's friends, HuiSim and Junn, YUMMEHH! Then we went back to rest. oh wait, we went to LOHAS, which is a tea shop like chatime. We did take a lot of photos but all with Koyin's sister's MAC. The smart Koyin, as i said. Hahahaha. Luckily, there's some of the photos we took is with her cousin brother. I can get it soon, and those with Koyin's sister, need to wait end of July? SAD. Then of course we took supper everyday too, CharKoayTiaw. Her cousin brother, SuZhou fetches us. Her cousin brother is also a nice guy, he and Koyin together plan where to bring us go, the big folks us.


21/6 - Friday
Koyin fetch us to Penang Island, oh yeah, she is actually staying at Bukit Mertajam. Bukit Mertajam is the capital of Central Seberang Perai, Penang. It is commonly known as BM among its locals. Bukit Mertajam is located 29 km away from George Town, the capital city of Penang. Bukit Mertajam has the highest population and one of the most developed area in Seberang Perai. Breakfast with Koyin's family, the food is so nice. Then, Koyin has to drive us to Penang Island, and her sister go with us too. Her sister, KoShin, the face i just wanna pinch because she is so chubby. First, we went to buy biscuits to bring back as souviner. Then we went to Gurney and we went to shopping a while to accompany Crystal, she is having a make-up competition soon. Wish her luck! Alright, back to topic. Then we went to the new place, Paragon. Which haven't really complete. Next, after under the so called "sunny day," we went to eat MOOCOW. After that, Koshin drove the car to the Ferry area, hmmm, nice experience. 

After everything, we went to eat our dinner with Koyin's family. Her dad is so funny and her mom is so petite. Like i said, Koyin did not let her mom eat. Bad girl. Hahaha. We went to eat Bah Kut Teh, really different from ours. Then we went to Auto-City, which like a market pun. Walk walk shop shop, hungry again. And its supper again, at Raja Uda. Tomyam maggie soup, delicious!

22/6 - Saturday

Early in the morning woke up to get ready yo! Went to eat SouMian, nearby KoShin's secondary school. Then SuZhou fetches us to Penang Island again, and KoShin also go with us. Hmm. Went to the atas place, and art streets and a lot a lot. And we did take a video in instagram but idk what Koyin tertekan something and it gone. She is so so sad, nvm. Then we went to Beach Ferrenghi, a very nice place. As you can see in my instagram, i did took a video there. Omg, its like a MV. Hahahah pretty me. And you can see Koyin's instagram too, she also took a video of all of us. After that, we went to Mugshot, which a new concept cafe. Down there, which the cafe look. Nice food too, i swear. Will go there again the next time i go Penang. Then we went to the art streets, actually not much left, i mean the art thingy but we still enjoy a lot. And i get very hungry nowadays, so we went to eat cendol, charkoaytiaw again and snacks. And we went back to BM. We played, we talk and of course i sleep a lot in the car during the whole trip.After a while, we went to another place, quite far i think? To eat CharKoayTiaw and something that i forgot the name. And Koyin's cousin sister, YinTea drives us there. I tell you, i never regret to go Penang. This is so mother-father amazing place. Wanted to go second round supper but Crystal said want to sleep, ishh. So yah... No second time CharKoayTiaw, disappointed. Nevermind, i would like to go again during my long holiday, oh yeah.

23/6 - Sunday

Time flies, its time to go back. Before we come back KL, we went restaurant to eat with Koyin's family. Then, SuZhou drives us back because he is going back to study too. And in car, Crystal and me did not sleep. We all talked, laughed together the whole journey, teeheeee. A little sad to leave, i really wanna stay there. The feeling there, not same, this is serious shit. Thanks to Koyin, SuZhou, YinTea, HuiSim, Koyin's family. It was a great and fun trip to Penang, really thanks a lot. I'll go there soon, again. Hahahah there's a lot of photos but i can't get it so soon, have to wait. Be patient, i'll upload to facebook when i got it. 



Sunday, June 16, 2013


Life's been up and down, up the hill, down the road. It's not about why am i want to emo at this hour, it's just life. Life's suck? No, not really. Honestly, life without you, i'm so much better. I don't know why, don't ask. Heheh. But sometimes, life without you, it sucks. Shhh... Don't ask. Just let me crap whatever i want. 

People thinks that i'm a happy-go-lucky girl, but know what? I am not. If you understand me, you'll know when is the real smile or laugh. It's not that i like to pretend, or even act? Stop telling me that i should get a trophy of acting. It's not that i am kind of two-face person. It's all about life, the reality. People nowadays, they ask us to "BE YOURSELF" in a good way. When we really want to be ourself, nahhh... They start to talk behind us. They start to judge us, every single move. This is life, humans. Fuck you, seriously. First of all, if you don't want to see our true face, don't tell us "BE YOURSELF." When we show our real self, of course humans are always emotional. Why not? Don't tell me that you're not. If you are not, ok, because you're kind of cold blood person. You can just hide yourself in a box, your world. 

Secondly, if you did not know how to respect me, please don't expect anything from me. I won't respect you if you do not know how to respect me at first. Not that i'm a small gas person, it's just that who will respect the person who don't know how to respect us at first? Tell me, as if you can. If you want my reply, can, i will but you wait. Before that, i'm not this type of person because my mommy told me, we must accept everyone beside us, no matter who. No matter you, he, she, shemale, lesbian, or even gay? Hello, i'm sorry to say. That was the old me, old ShiYing. I would not want to be that kind or can even say stupid anymore. Honestly, i somehow think that i'm a little stupid last time. Oh-my-geeesh. Cannot believe i was that kind, oh my mother-father gentlemen. 

Everyone grows, everyone change. Accept it, i've change. I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best. So, understand? Stop judging me anymore, no more judging.


P.s, This life is what you make it. 
No matter what, you're going to mess up sometimes, it's a universal truth.
But the good part is you get to decide how you're going to mess it up.
Stay positive!

Thursday, June 13, 2013


Sometimes I really feel that i've to go hospital for check-up. 
I, think too much. Yeah, MUCH. Anyway, i bet it's not only me doing this. Right? Am i right? I don't want my blog to be this emo, freaking emo shit. But i have no choice. I have to shit this out. I hate me, myself. Omg. I think everyone hates me too? Okay. Start thinking again. Stop, shiying. STOP.

Let's back to everything i feel/felt from last year till now. It's not about why, how, where or when. It's just the matter of time. You don't have the right to say.... "HAIYO, 1year ONLY LAH". Come on, this is me. I take it serious, i take everything very serious. Why not you put your legs in my shoes, and feel it? What if someone tell you that? Come on, think of it how you'll feel. Hurt? If yes, then that's right! It's not because of 1year or what, the thing is when you're in the same environment with him for like 5years lol. Seriously, why can't i choose not to let go? Although i've been trying very hard to let go but it's just hard, ok? Not that i don't want to try or move on. And wait, i will and i know i'll find someone better. Better than him like more than 10times. 
*i'm not saying anyone, but if you did say so this to me. Please, stop.*

He isn't perfect. He isn't handsome. He isn't loyal. So WHAT? Know what? I'm in love with his attitude, consideration? So, shut up. But honestly, i'm slowly letting go everything. I start to accept the fact, the reality of life. Friend, is nothing. Partner, is nothing. And i choose to keep in touch with my close friends, of course my family is my everything. And i love myself more than everyone else, i'm sorry for being selfish. I just have to be selfish, to make sure i'm happy and enjoy my life. Nahhh... That's me, being me. 

I'm trying to move on, anyway. Am very happy with my life now because i have a lot of awesome peepos beside me. My family, my relatives, my close friends. And hey you, please leave me alone. Don't take me for granted. Let's be close friend, that's what i want. See how close we are now? I'm so happy because we are not stranger anymore. We are more than friend but less than a couple. Enjoying my life right now, fuhhhh. Thanks! :)


P.s, it's not about how long,
it's about the moments.