Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I went to Penang on 23rd of December which is Monday night until 27th of December. It was a fun trip. Besides, I haven't intro to you, they're all Koyin's best friends. She intro to them to me. They are all good friends and funny friends. Omg, lame friends ever too. We have a group called "THE KL FAMILY". This group name means for us, the peepos who staying far away from KL and need to survive ourselves whenever in KL. Back to the topic. First of all, we celebrated KoShin's birthday on Christmas Eve too. She is Koyin's sister anyway and the first Santa baby girl I ever know. After celebrating KoShin's Birthday, we finally celebrate our Christmas day.

Kevin (Huang Ah Ma), Shao (Bao Qing Tian), Feng (Hei Qing Feng) and me. 

Sophiae (Huang Er Niang) and me. 

Koyin (Ge ge) and me. 
She is the person i really want to thanks and appreciate. She brought me to meet her best friends and brought me to join this big family. She willing to share her best friends to me. She brought me to let me know there's still nice peepos in this world. Honestly, she is really a good friend ever. She is like my sister. She likes to scold me and teach me something new of course there's good things and bad things too. She is too nice until 惹人疼爱 although she is elder than me. Hey yo, here's my lil notes for you. Thanks a lot, loves. 

Happy Ending.


P.s, iloveyouall.

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